Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Poor Elsie. Just look at these sharp little puppy toenails. Imagine sixty-four of these (four per paw, two front paws per pup, eight pups) digging at your soft underside! ;o)


But Elsie tolerates it quite well. :o)

And baby nail trimmers work quite well. :o) :o)

More to come...


JuliaR said...

I suppose it can't be that bad! I used to groom Uma with a steel comb and those tiny toenails don't look that fearsome. :)

Joan said...

LOL...I suspect not. And, no, we're not trimming yet (the pups are a little young). BUT, those little claws have really sharp tips!

Poor Elsie.

It sounds like Uma meant a great deal to you. Were you raising Uma like you did Rockwell (for guide dog training)?

Speaking of, how is Rockwell doing? Any reports on his progress yet?

As always, thanks for your comments!


JuliaR said...

Hi Joan, I did answer these questions but my comment seems to have got lost - not unusual for me. Rockwell's most recent report is up on my old blog from July. He is still i n school and they are training him slowly and gently, because of his sensitive nature. I still have hopes that he will graduate.

I did raise Uma as a guide dog puppy but she flunked the program due to "food aggression" and we agreed to take her as a pet. She then spent the rest of her life showing us how to be patient and enjoy life as a dog. The last 8 months of her life were tough in some ways, as she was put on Metacam because of her hips - one day she just couldn't get up from the floor. I effectively nursed her in those last 8 months through one thing and then another and she died in our arms at 14 years 7 months. She was a smart, dignified, wonderful dog with Labrador quirks and we loved her.