Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 60 - Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!

Elsie's temperature is down this evening: only 98.5 (two full degrees below what her evening temps have been all week, and it's the first time she's dipped below 99).

She didn't eat lunch or dinner today either.

Oh boy.

I think we're having pups before the weekend is over.

I think I'm sleeping on the couch (or kitchen floor) by the whelping box tonight.

I think I'm setting up our whelping station, too. Like, now.

I think we'll be watching Elsie VERY closely from here on out (even more closely than we've been).

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Can you feel the knot in my stomach?

But we're also trying to relax (we don't want Elsie to pick up on our emotions). We just need to stay focused and calm and soothing for her (which we are and will).

If we're calm, she will be, too. DH and I are both very good in crisis -- very calm and methodical. I tend to crash afterward.

So I'm in "stay calm and focused" mode. :o) But I still have a knot in my stomach. Hopefully Elsie won't pick up on that.

Stay tuned. :o)

'Til next time,


FG167 said...

Everything will be fine...good luck to Elsie! Can't wait to see photos of puppies :)

Theresa said...

BREATH ---- In through your nose and out through your mouth! This will be a wonderful weekend! Hugs from all of us in AZ - good luck!

Finn's Dad said...

Can't wait for all the pictures of cute little puppies.

Good luck to you and Elise with everything.

Anonymous said...

Your sight has been such a blessing to follow. Our chocolate lab would have been having puppies around the same time as Elsie. She had a health emergency and will not be having any pups. However-- Lab Tails has let our family experience this exciting time through you. Thank you so much for sharing Elsie and her soon to be babies!!

Joan said...

Thanks, FG167, for the encouragement. You shouldn't have long to wait for pictures (I might even try a few short video clips, too). :o)

And, yes, Theresa, I'm breathing. Quite rapidly actually (hehe). LOL... no, really, we're doing okay. Just watching and waiting.

And, Finn's Dad, tell Finn he can see pictures soon -- probably in the next 12 hours. :o)

Anonymous, I'm SO glad you and your family are enjoying the journey with us and our gang. :o) It means a lot to us, too, to have you all out there encouraging us and walking the road together with us. (I'm so sorry to hear of your Lab's health emergency, though. I do hope she's all right now, even if she can't have pups).

Thanks, all, for being our cheerleaders. I think we're in the home stretch (of Elsie's pregnancy -- LOL... not puppydom!).

Stay tuned!