Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's Super Elsie!

Doesn't Elsie look terrific, especially after 34 hours labor and delivery. She's doing just fine, but still has one placenta to get out. Oh, and she's become quite the Mom -- wow -- doesn't even want the pups in the puppy box. The pups (ALL of the pups) have to be near her for her to be content. What a good Mom!
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JuliaR said...

What a good girl! I'm all verklempt.
You guys did great.

About the afterbirths, is it possible for there to have been only 8 because two pups were twins? And what happens if the final placenta doesn't get expelled soon? Might it just come out later or is there a danger of infection? And how would you know if there IS still one placenta left or if there were only 8 to begin with? All these things I don't know!

Finn's Dad said...

Those puppies are adorable. Glad to see everything went well enough. Good luck with the next few weeks and all that puppy fun.

v2or said...

Well I am glad that you and Don made it and Elsie. They look adorable. Cant wait to play with them all. I really like how you cronicialled the jurney. Can wait to see them.

L^2 said...

Wow, nine puppies! Congratulations to you all!!! I tried to keep up with the action yesterday, but I’m just getting caught up with everything this morning. It’s incredible! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us, Joan. I guess, for at least the next few weeks anyway, you’re going to have to change the number of Labs in your blog description from four to 13! :-)

"Sunshine" said...

SUPER indeed!!!

Thanks so very very much for the scene by scene.

My husband were busy all yesterday but after your post about the temperature dropping I had to check if there was a new post before we went to bed.

My husband and I both loved the first 6 posts that were there waiting showing the "Super Mom" in action.

Nutmeg perked up her ears at the sound of the puppies when we played the video.

Thanks for letting us all into your home during this exciting time!!!


Anonymous said...

This is so awesome! Elsie looks like such a great mom. What a wonderful event to share with us. Thank you. And good luck with the pups!

Lucas said...

Hello Elsie. I've been lurking here for a while now reading your posts and waiting for your pups to come. Thank you for sharing your journey to giving birth. You really are super! And I'm sure you'll be a super mom too with super adorable pups!!! Congratulations Elsie, take care!

- Lucas