Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 59 - A Few Thoughts from Elsie

Okay. I'm ready.

Whatever this load is I'm carrying, I want it outta me.


[pause to pant]

No,, NOW.

I've had enough.

[pause to pant]

And, as if carrying this watermelon-belly around weren't enough, Dad keeps lifting my tail and sticking this skinny plastic thing up my butt twice a day and holding it there until it beeps.

And then he says things like, "nope, not yet" and "you've gotta hang in there a little longer, Els."

[pause to pant and burp]

Excuse me. [I'm a polite Labrador]

Anyway, that's what Dad said tonight, after he heard the beep, pulled that plastic stick out and said something like "a hundred point three" (whatever that means).

[pause to pant, pant, and double pant]

You humans do the strangest things.

All I know is, my tummy is too wide and bumpy to lay on comfortably, I can't bend in the middle to reach what I want to scratch, my teats are leaking this sticky white stuff, and I can't maneuver myself into a position where I can lick them all to keep them clean.

[big sigh -- pant some more]

I can't even get comfortable on the couch.


[another big sigh]

And then there are all these funny feelings and pokes and prods inside my belly and under my ribs. It's like something is kicking me in there.

What's that about?

I can't even eat like normal, but at least I get lunch now, too. I could get used to this eating three times a day, except that I feel like I have to pee all the time.

[pause to pant and sigh]

Won't somebody please tell me what gives?

Thanks for listening. I needed to get that off my chest.

Now if I could just get this bulge out of my belly...


Anonymous said...

Bless her heart......hopefully she'll deliver the puppies soon and will feel better. At least less uncomfortable, but she will have to deal with all those screaming (I mean adorable) puppies. : ) Hang in the Elsie!

JuliaR said...

I just checked your blog today for the first time in two weeks (we've been on holiday) and my timing is great! Somewhat like Elsie. What a champ. I hope all is going well as I type...

kate Flynn said...

Oh darling Elsie, you look so uncomfortable, not long to go now sweet girl. Enjoy your rest and peace and quiet because very soon you are going to have your paws full.
Next time I check in there might be a little family to look's hoping :)