Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Puppies in Utero!

Well, it's definite (not that we had any doubt).

It looks like Elsie has at least SEVEN puppies growing inside (that's how many skulls and spines we see in her x-rays). It's possible she has eight pups (one may be hiding behind the others), but I think we're banking on seven.

Here are her x-rays (the puppies are spread out over the center, center right, and bottom of the images):

And, get this: she's already producing milk and looks bigger than she should be by our timeline.

Our vet thinks she'll deliver closer to Day 60 than Day 63 (normal gestational day count). She's at Day 49 now. That's only 11 days away!!!!!


We're introducing Elsie to the whelping box tonight. I'll post pictures of the fabulous box DH made, even lined with linoleum to protect the wood and for ease in cleanup, over which we'll, of course, put rug samples for puppy paws to grip, and newspaper later on for paper training. It's really nice. :o)

She's doing fine; just a little slower these days. But still her happy self, but showing no signs of nesting yet.

We'll start taking her temperature every 12 hours this weekend. When she drops to below 100 (F) she'll like deliver within 24hrs.

The other canine kids are all fine.

We'll keep you posted. :o)

How exciting and nerve wracking!!!! :o)

"Til next time,

Joan (who's been working 12-hours a day for the last two weeks, six days weekly, for a huge product deadline at work -- sorry to be out of touch, but will be more now)

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Charlie said...

We found ourselves lining the box with newspaper almost immediately, since the little tykes poo everywhere and in surprising amount.