Saturday, August 25, 2007

Update: She's in Labor

It's 3:00 a.m. here, and Elsie is definitely in labor.

She's been "nesting" now for nearly four hours (digging in her whelping box, moving papers around, walking circles in the box, etc.).

She hasn't slept at all. Neither have I. :o)

She's panting, occasionally shivering, occasionally whimpering, but is otherwise fine. I can see her contractions, but they aren't as intense as they will be, I'm sure.

She's not eating, of course, but does like an ice cube now and then (she's not too interested in drinking, but I figured ice cubes would keep her hydrated).

She's been outside twice in the last five hours (emptied her bladder and bowels both times).

I woke hubby up about twenty minutes ago, because both sons (who are leaving this weekend for their respective colleges) have gone up to bed, and I didn't want to leave Elsie to wake Don if I needed him. So we're both standing vigil.

Now Elsie has quieted down and is actually laying in the whelping box (something she hasn't done all night).

I suspect she's getting close.

Stay tuned.

Oh, I posted a video of Elsie nesting at YouTube (a trial run... I've never done this before, but I wanted to try it once before we try videoing the pups' deliveries).

WARNING TO PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN (or easily offended readers): While I was recording Elsie's nesting actions, on the camera, my college-age sons were watching "Man of the Year" (with Robin Williams as a comedian running for President). The video picks up the soundtrack of the movie in the background, and the dialog contains some really crass things, (which you can clearly hear). Just turn off (or turn down) the volume of the video recording of Elsie if you don't want your kids to hear the movie soundtrack in the background (or if you would be offended). I think you all know me well enough by now to know my blog is always family friendly, so I was mortified when I heard some of the jokes on the soundtrack in the background behind Elsie's digging antics. I just wanted to give you a "heads up."

I think you should be able to view the video right here (if I did this correctly... patience, please...I'm on my third cup of coffee, I've had no sleep, and I'm soon to be a puppy grandma!). Just remember to reduce the volume if you don't want to hear the background dialog from the movie.

The clip below will be playable as soon as You Tube finishes processing it.

I'll be back in a bit with further updates!

Send your thoughts and prayers this way! We could use them!



Isabelle said...

Thank you so much Joan for sharing this with us.
It's always a pleasure to read you.
I'm touched to see how you and Don care for your labs and how much you love them...
I will pray for Elsie and wish you good luck for the coming hours and already a lot of joy with the pups..
I stay tuned and wait for their pictures !!!

Isabelle (from Belgium)

kate Flynn said...

Love and prayers from us in England that all goes well for you all :0)

JuliaR said...

My goodness this is moment-by-moment blogging at its best! I have too much to do today to stay totally glued to my computer but I will check every hour for more news!

therea said...

Hope you can catnap in in between things - kinda like having a little one at home - sleep when Elsie sleeps! Good thoughts winging their way from AZ!