Wednesday, August 29, 2007

She's Still Nesting!

This is a hoot. Well, I think so anyway.

Elsie keeps nesting. It's like she's trying to build another den to hide her pups in. She's even started trying to pick up the pups in her mouth (something our previous Lab mom never did).

What's funny here is Baxter's response. He's hanging out on the couch (the canine kids are allowed to do that in this room), and Elsie's digging away next to and underneath her, and he doesn't even notice (well, doesn't show that he notices).

LOL... he's our lumbering gentle giant who never gets flustered over anything (except swimming, going for walks, and retrieving).


1 comment:

"Sunshine" said...

My very ignorant speculation - perhaps she's looking for a softer place?

Our Shelby hates the hard concrete, linoleum, and hard wood that his sister will prefers at times. He's a soft bed or "I'm going to whine" kinda guy.

Thanks for the recent pictures!!