Saturday, August 25, 2007

No Pups Yet, But Still Okay

We've talked to the vet a few times now. It's been almost four hours since her first "waters" appeared, and she's been in labor (though not strenuous) for about 17 hours. She's still leaking, but it's all still yellow or yellow-brown (and it's not much... more like drips).

Elsie's doc is not concerned, at least not yet. He prefers to ride it out with Labs (so few need emergency c-sections and usually always end up pushing the pups out).

And Elsie hasn't really strained at all yet, and she keeps going in and out of contractions. He seemed to think we could have a few more hours of this without risk to the pups or Elsie.

He said we really need to be concerned if she's straining, but has no progress. That hasn't happened yet, and she IS making progress.

Here's her latest nesting attempts (in better light). :o) Again, it will be viewable when YouTube finishes processing it in a few minutes.

It may be a VERY long evening and night (especially since we were up all night with her last night, too, and we have two kids to get to colleges tomorrow). Yikes.

Elsie comes first right now, and the boys know that (and are patient and understanding about it). DD is already at school, but texting frequently to check status.

So that's where we stand.

Stay tuned.

Joan (who trust the vet implicitly, but can't help but be concerned, especially since the last and only other whelping we went through lasted only 12 hours from labor to completion of afterbirth of the last puppy -- we're 18 hours into this now, with no pups showing yet).


Theresa said...

We are hanging with you Elsie, Joan et al. don't dispair, I think Elsie and babies are just taking their time. A big ear rub for Elsie and a hug for the rest of you! :)

teresamc said...

I feel for you and Elsie. I've been praying for you since this morning. You'll have those grand-puppies soon. Thanks for keeping us updated!!