Monday, August 20, 2007

Wide Load & Waiting

Here's the Elsie Girl as of today, August 20th, aka Day 57. She's now affectionately called "wide load," "preggers," and "little mama."

We're in watch-and-wait mode. Elsie's temperature has been running between 99 and 100 degrees (F) for the last two days (a normal temperature for canines is 101.7 F). When we saw her temperature dip below 100, I ran out and picked up the rest of our whelping supplies (I'll post about that another time).

We're ready (at least as ready as we'll ever be).

Our vet told us when she dropped below 100 (F) she was getting close to whelping (delivering her puppies), and below 99 (F) meant it could be anytime (certainly within 24 hours). That's essentially what the books have told us, too.

She was 99.7 (F) this evening.

She's producing milk out of all of her teats, and she looks like she's got nine miniature udders (she walks and sways like a cow now, bless her heart).

She appears to be waiting, just as we are.

She still seems uncertain about what's happening, and she wants to touch and be touched continuously by us humans (she's getting the bejeebers touched, rolled, and kicked out of her on the inside by those active little puppies!)

She needs more reassurance (something we gladly offer), especially since she's become so uncomfortable.

And she's clearly uncomfortable.

I would be, too. My, oh my, oh my! Just look at those teats. I feel uncomfortable seeing her like this, and it's been twenty years since I had my last baby!

I can't imagine she'll last much longer without going into labor -- not with how ready she looks and with how restless she seems.

So it won't be long. We'll let you know as soon as her temperature drops below 99. 0 (F). Then you'll know it's 24 hours or less until puppy time.

Stay tuned!

'Til next time,


Theresa said...

She looks so beautiful - we are waiting with you guys and sending good thoughts your way. Give her an ear rub from us!

Joan said...


She does look beautiful, doesn't she? And she's handling it all with a beautiful, gentle spirit.

Thanks for the good thoughts. :o) And thanks for waiting with us.

It's nice to know we're not in this alone. :o)

We'll give her an extra behind-the-ears rub just from you!


kate Flynn said...

I too think she looks beautiful- radiant even- she looks ready any time soon- my guinea pig had puppies-yeah they are called that- last year and i was sooo excited about that i can't imagine how excited and proud you must be feeling- give Elsie a hug from us. Looking forward to tuning in tomorrow for news.

Joan said...

Thanks, Kate. I'll bet you were excited with your guinea pig pups (our kids had guinea pigs years ago; they made great pets).

Right now, I think I'm more nervous/anixious for Elsie and the puppies than I am excited. It will be SO difficult if any pups are stillborn, or if anything happens to jeopardize Elsie's health.

So I go through my day with a constant knot in my stomach, wondering, waiting, and hoping for the best.

Stay tuned!


kayceebeebee said...

Lurker here! Just wanted to say I love that second picture of her. She has such a cute face! It must be so exciting to know you'll have puppies soon!

MommyTof3 said...

We are at day 47 here-I just stumbled onto your blog and Im loving all the pics and advice-Im sooo nervous!!!