Saturday, August 25, 2007

Update - Progress: HER WATER BROKE!

She's still at it.

Elsie's been in Stage One for thirteen hours now (there are three stages of whelping: labor, birth, and afterbirth).

She's finally sleeping right now (though breathing rapidly while she does). She was nesting all night.

I finally grabbed about 3 hours of sleep (from 6 to 9 a.m.) while hubby hung out with her (he had three hours of sleep earlier in the night).

But Elsie was up most of the time. She's had some chicken broth and ice cubes. And a quick nap.

And Dear Daughter's significant other stopped by on his way home from work (in the ER) to check on Elsie. She's resting with him in the photo.

And now (JUST THIS MOMENT) it appears the water from the first pup may have broken.

Gotta run. Stay tuned (and yes, we've talked to the vet already once today). :o)


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