Saturday, August 25, 2007

Holding Our Breath

It's been over an hour since the first pup's outer sac broke (lots of yellow sticky liquid discharge). That's not a good thing (that's we haven't seen the pup yet).

BUT, though she's having contractions, Elsie's not really straining. And she's alert and doesn't seem distressed.

She's also interested in bouillon and ice cubes.

She seems okay. I'm concerned about her pups (a pup should come within and hour of the outer sac breaking -- normally).

I just talked to the vet. He said to give her another 20 minutes. Then to call back.

Pray this pup comes very soon, and that Elsie can deliver it. Otherwise the whole litter and Elsie could be at risk.



kate Flynn said...

Prayers heading your way, come on pup we really need you to make an appearance- will the vet come out if she doesn't deliver soon?

Anonymous said...

Hoping for the best. I know you're worried to death.

JuliaR said...

Maybe if the vet can make a house call, something can be done to move things along. It's not great for pups to be sitting there without their amneotic fluid.

kate Flynn said...

Hi Joan, i'm hoping that no news is good news and that you are far too busy to update as you are up to your elbows delivering puppies- hope all is well, i can't stop thinking about you all. :o)