Friday, August 24, 2007

Whelping Supplies are Ready!

Well, Elsie's temperature dropped even more tonight. She's down to 97.8 (first time she's been below 98).

I think we'll have pups in the next 12 hours. :o)

So I'm doing the first shift of watching Elsie, while DH catches some Zzzs. I'll wake him up once Elsie goes into active labor.

She still hasn't eaten. And she's started hiding between the couch and end table (can only fit her head there) and started digging at the carpet there for the first time this evening. I think she's "nesting."

I keep bringing her back to the whelping box, where she stays for a time, then meanders again.

She's restless, and will be. Probably most of the night.

So, I spent the last two hours gathering our supplies and setting up our whelping station. :o)

Here it is:
So here's our whelping supply list:
  • our Vet's phone number ;o)
  • whelping box (with heat light, newspapers, towels)
  • more towels for rubbing puppies
  • birth weight record charts (clipboard)
  • digital scale
  • lubricating jelly (Vaseline)
  • dental floss (for tying umbilical cords if necessary)
  • antiseptic for dogs
  • canine cleansing wipes (for cleaning up Elsie)
  • puppy formula
  • puppy nursing kit (bottle, nipples, etc.)
  • bulb syringe (for suctioning, if necessary)
  • seven colors of rickrack (like ribbon, but not shreddable) for identify puppies - we'll tie these around their necks, and change them every few days
  • plastic bin lined with sheepskin for puppies during subsequent deliveries
  • warm compress for under sheepskin to keep puppies warm
  • extra sheepskin bedding for after delivery
  • extra newspapers
  • bright lantern flashlight (in case we lose electrical power, which has been known to happen here)
  • camera
  • extra camera batteries
  • extra warming lamp bulb
  • bouillon/chicken broth (for Elsie)
  • easy food for us, the human caregivers (granola bars, fruit, etc.)
Oh, and one more thing.

Perhaps a VERY important .

COFFEE CENTRAL (I just brewed a fresh pot):

Well, firstborn male child (of the human variety) tells me Elsie is digging in the whelping box.

I think I'd better get back to her.

Puppies should be here soon!

'Til next time,


Theresa said...

Go Elsie - cheering for you - we can't wait to see those babies, they will be as beautiful as you. Hang in there, Mom!

Joan said...

Thanks, Theresa. It's 3:00 a.m. and we're all hanging in there.

And Elsie seems to being doing everything she should be doing. :o)

So far so good!


Amy said...

Good luck Elsie!!!

Our girl Abbey (golden lab bred to black lab) is having her pups tonight too. Two black pups so far and more to come!


Daywalts Studio said...

Thanks, we are expecting our first liter from our beautiful Roxsie girl around June 5th. I'm glad I found your blog and some real advice. Where did you get your puppy formula and nursing kit? btw I'm in your neighboring state of OHIO :D
Thanks again