Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pinky Works Hard for a Snuggle Spot!

LOL... I love their little movements at this age. Pinky's movement, in this video clip (make sure your sound is on), looks more like that of a salamander than of a puppy. And, boy, can she be vocal!



teresamc said...

I loved watching Pinkie. She is so precious - and yes she sure did look like a salamander trying to get to her Mama.. LOL

JuliaR said...

Omigosh is no one going to help that puppy!? :) She sure didn't seem to bother the other sleeping pups, nor Elsie either! Were the big dogs barking in the background because of the puppies or for some other reason? How are they reacting to the puppies or do you let them near yet? And did Elsie ever get rid of the last placenta? So many questions!

Joan said...

Hey, Teresa,

Pinkie is our vocal little girl! And my, can she be vocal! Spunky little thing.

It's amazing how they're all so different from the moment they come out of the womb. :o) I think she'll be a feisty one, in the good sense of the word.


Joan said...

Hi Julia,

Everything in me wants to swoop in and help the pups when their struggling to get to Mama the way Pinky was in the clip.

BUT, it's actually good for their neurological development to work hard that way. It strengthens their muscles, improves their circulation, and fosters their muscle coordination.

It's SO hard to resist helping (oh, we do help the runt sometimes to make sure she gets enough to eat), but I just keep telling myself it's good for them.

It's just like I do with my human kids when I so want to rescue them but NOT rescuing would be the more loving and beneficial thing to do!

I plan to answer the rest of the questions in a regular post, because some others have asked about the same things. I just haven't gotten to it yet (I'm sure you understand why!). I'll try to later today.

Thanks, as always, for your comment and encouragement! It's always good to hear from you.