Friday, August 17, 2007

Poor Uncomfortable Elsie

Well, the Sweet Elsie Girl is getting a bit uncomfortable these days. So much so, in fact, that she prefers sleeping on her back (something she didn't used to do much before).

She's definitely getting closer to delivery (notice the hair loss around her nipples)!

Last night, while I was sitting on the couch, Elsie climbed up to sit next to me (climbed, being the operative word, since she used to jump). It was a tight fit, but we managed. While we sat there, Elsie next to me and hubby watching the Discovery Channel from his rocking chair, I kept my eyes on Elsie's belly.

And, don't you know, I saw those puppies moving (little bumps protruding and moving across various sections of Elsie's abdomen)! I'd felt them earlier this week against the palm of my hand as it rested on Elsie's tummy, but to SEE them was a trip. Way cool.

Wow, what a throwback to my own pregnancies! I could almost feel the movement in my belly (is that empathy or what?)! And the most I carried at one time was two (twins). I can't imagine the pokes, prods, wiggles, rolls, and kicks of seven.

But she's tolerating it all very well.

She has to go out a little more frequently to pee (puppies are cramping her bladder), and she pants more (puppies are cramping her lungs), and she eats 3 smalls meals a day now instead of two larger ones (puppies are cramping her stomach), but she's just as pleasant as can be.

No grumpy pregnancy for this one. She's a trooper.

Ten days, Elsie. Just ten days.

And then instead of having pups poke you and prod you from inside, they'll do it from the outside.

Okay. I'll rephrase.

Ten weeks, Elsie. Just ten weeks. Then you can sleep peacefully on your belly again.

'Til next time,


"Sunshine" said...

Your Elsie so reminds me so much of my Nutmeg, my sweet sweet girl. So, I am here sending Elsie love and encouragement!!

Thanks for all the pictures it's been fun going on this adventure with you.

I personally vote for pictures of the pregnancy, but I was raised behind a farm. Which means that I have seen everything from kittens, puppies, calfs, and horses being born as a child.


kate Flynn said...

This is a wonderful thing that you are kindly allowing us to be a part of- i am thoroughly enjoing following Elsies pregnancy and think that any pictures that you feel comfortable in posting will be good to see, i have 2 old labrador boys and just love the breed. Good luck Elsie we're thinking of you over here in England :)