Sunday, November 02, 2008

Becoming "Real" Dogs Now

It's amazing to me how quickly the pups move from being dependent, developing newborns to becoming what we usually think of as playful, active puppies. We've noticed an incredible rate of maturing even over the past few days.

They look more alert and watchful.
Their faces are more expressive and full of character.
Their personalities are, indeed, emerging.
They can run now.
They can jump and pounce now.
They follow us now when we walk 1:1 with them in the yard.
They alert to and come to us when we call "puppy" (as soon as they find us visually -- their eyesight is still developing).

In short, they're more like "real" dogs now!

I think you'll agree after viewing these random photos from this weekend. Don't they look like little Labs? !

Take a look:

All the pups learning to eat two to a bowl:

Mr. White with his head in the food dish (he has a red and white collar now):

Mr. Lime on the vet's table:

Miss Pink running up a hill (first time she's been exposed to a hill):

Mr. Yellow tasting the hammock (good thing it wasn't that cold outside!):

Mr. Red trying out grass for the first time:

Miss Sky exploring her new out-of-the-pen world:

Mr. Black barking at Mr. Yellow:

Mr. Blue carrying (draggging around with him) and playing with the former Pull-My-Leg Sheep's remaining leg:

Mr. Green sleeping soundly in DSIL's lap (DD's hubby, both in from Maine for the weekend):

A bunch of the pups playing out in the yard with familiar people socializers (DH, DFS, DD, DSIL, DSIL's sister):

I've gotta run -- we have several of the pups' new families coming to visit and will update you all on that later!

But don't they all look like real dogs now?!

Til next time,

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JuliaR said...

I've been thinking that they look like "real dogs" for about 2 weeks now! But yes, more and more, they are becoming wonderful little doggies.