Thursday, November 06, 2008

Puppy Update: The Rest of the Gang is Fine

Pups need exercise. That's just the way of it. And this poor litter hasn't had the outdoor time our last litter had. Now that they're approaching seven weeks of age, though, I'm taking them out to romp at least twice a day (as long it's not raining).

Today, it's gray, damp, and in the 60s (F), so out they went right before lunch.

The first thing they did was run. And I mean run. They just need to release that pent up puppy energy. Here's Mr. Blue blowing by Mr. Lime while Mr. Lime pauses to look at me:

Pups also need to chew, and they get bored, so I try to change it up a bit for them now and then. This morning, after they were done blitzing around the exercise pen, I gave the pups two new, smaller, squeaky plush gooses.. I think they liked them; what do you you think?

Yes, there's a goose in there somewhere:

Mr. White (l), Mr Yellow (c), and Mr. Lime (r) (I think... not quite sure):

Mr. Red and Mr. Blue:

I think this is Mr. Green (l), Mr. White (c), and Mr. Red (r) below. Notice the larger goose resting undisturbed. It's a bit too big for them to carry comfortably. But they're having no trouble with the smaller stuffed birds:

Mr. Yellow (on top):

Mr. Red, Mr. Blue, and Mr. Green:

Mr. Red and Mr. Blue:

Miss Pink and Mr. Red:

Eventually, after at least 30 minutes of hard play, the pups started to wind down.

Mr. Blue (l), Mr. Red (center), and Mr. Lime (r):

Mr. Blue (back), Mr Green (front, left pup), and Mr. Black (front, right pup):

Mr. Green and Mr. Black:

Mr. White:

A close-up of Mr. White:

And Mr. Red, sound asleep on his back, after a morning of romping!

The pups are busy, active, vigorous, and fine. We're still keeping a close eye on them in light of last night's and today's events with Miss Sky, but so far so good.

Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted (and, no, we still haven't heard from the vet about Miss Sky).

'Til next time,

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Jonathan said...

I wish I could spend more time playing and sleeping!