Thursday, November 20, 2008

Puppy Update: White (Bones) and Yellow

Mr. Yellow (in the orange collar), who will be called "Rigby," and Mr. White (aka Bones) who will be called "Titan," are both doing very, very well, and we fully expect they'll be able to go home with their forever families either Monday or Tuesday (NOTE to Rigby's and Titan's families: we'll be calling you over the weekend).

Here's are Yellow (l) and White (r) in their pen turning to romp after Elsie, who's at the other end.

Both are still incredibly sweet and snuggly, something I was afraid the pups would lose after their awful time of late, but I needn't have worried (the little cuddle bears). And both are romping and playing and eating and doing all the things puppies are supposed to do. They just still look underweight, but we're working on that (slowly).

Here's Mr. White (Bones, aka "Titan") mugging for the camera (handsome boy!):

Here's Mr. Yellow, the sleepy boy:

And here's Mr. White (aka Bones) nudging Momma Elsie:

Yes, we can still see a little rib definition in these two, but they're looking so much better than when they came home Sunday evening (they've been home four days now). They're doing so well, in fact, that we've started transitioning them to their regular food.

And they're as playful (and as snuggly) as ever.

I think they'll miss having Sky and Green in the pen next to them, but we'll make sure the other pups get in there soon enough. Here are the four of them checking out something interesting (who knows what). Green and Sky are farthest away on the other side of the pen wall; Yellow and White (Bones) are on this side of the pen wall:

So all is well when it comes to these two little guys. They're recovering nicely and are still as sweet as ever.

And in just three or four days, they'll be going home for good with their new owners.


But it's still bittersweet.

'Til next time,

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JuliaR said...

Joan, I don't know if you visit Daily Puppy but today's little black Lab is inspirational for non-perfect puppies. :)