Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Update on ICU Pups

Mr. Lime is still with us.

I just had to tell you that up front since he and Mr. Blue were both iffy yesterday. In fact, Mr. Lime responded to our voices this morning, he picked his head up, and he moved a round a bit -- all things he was not doing yesterday. That's a good sign. But he's not completely out of the woods.

Mr. Black, Mr. Red, and Miss Pink all seemed a bit improved this morning compared to yesterday. They're still clearly not feeling well, but at least they're alert and responsive. Dr. Wagner felt they were much improved over yesterday based on his observations first thing this morning when he got in. When we came in later in the morning, they were starting to tire out, I think. In any case, they're doing okay.

Mr. Yellow and Mr. White are almost ready to come home (especially Mr. White).

Mr. White (or "Bones" as the vet staff knows him) was bouncing off the walls of his crate when we were there, barking non-stop (a GREAT sign), and trying to pull my latex glove off my fingers. He also had chewed through his IV (a pain for the techs, but another good sign!). And he even had a semi-soft poo! That's real progress.

We're told Mr. Yellow was every bit as energetic as Mr. White earlier this morning before we arrived (barking, bouncing off the walls, chewing on his IV), but he seemed sleepy still while we were in. In any case, he seems very much on the mend.

Dr. Wagner wants to send them home in pairs, so the next two to come home (either tomorrow or Monday) will be White and Yellow. We'll keep the two of them in a separate pen from Sky and Green, just because Sky and Green are so much more vigorous now that they might be too vigorous for White and Yellow. It'll make it saner to keep track of meds and feedings that way, too.

The feeling at the vet hospital is that the pups might be making it through the worst of it now. And we're all really hopeful and optimistic that we won't lose any more of the little guys.

And, yes, the veterinary staff is sad about Mr. Blue (as are we). I take great comfort in knowing we did absolutely everything we could have done for him as did the medical staff who worked with him.

That's where we stand on the pups still hospitalized. We'll go over again tomorrow (Sunday) morning to visit them, and report again about them after that.

I'll update you on Sky, Green, and our gang in a few minutes.

'Til then,

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