Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Update on Sky and Green

Don't Miss Sky and Mr. Green look fabulous?! No more emaciated look!

Here they are this morning (Green in back, Sky in front):

They were sleeping when Don walked in to take these pictures (Sky was still half asleep). The pups sleep so lightly these days that we can't sneak into the room or by their pen without them picking up their heads to see what we're doing (food? food? food?). :o)

Now they're up to 1/3 can of Prescription Diet id each every three hours. ;o) And they're still eating like they haven't been fed in days (just inhaling their food). We're going to have to work on their sitting and waiting for their food bowls, but they're too hungry still. We'll give them another day or two, then will start working on feeding manners again.

These two are just fine -- doing wonderfully, and almost back to themselves. :o) That's a huge relief.

Oh, and Mr. Green's family is naming him "Sam" ("Sammy"), and Miss Sky's family is naming her "Snoopi" and both families are anxiously awaiting the time when we can send their pups home with them for good (by this weekend for these two, we think).

Hopefully the rest will follow suit soon.

We'll keep you informed.

'Til next time,


karen brenner said...

Joan and Don
We are so happy to hear and see the pups are doing better. We will keep checking in on them via internet until we return Tuesday.
karen, andy, bella ad bliss

JuliaR said...

What an ordeal for everyone. I still can't believe Mr. Blue is gone, especially as he was such a big boy. And so I am relieved about Mr. Black because he was the wee one of the litter. I guess you just never know.

Still sending good wishes your way.

Anonymous said...

I am dancing around in joy over the good news! 2 more babies home! Hooray and big brass marching bands! All of us at Sundancer and praying and sending good puppy thoughts to all the Stoney Ridge gang! Copper says hang in there first Mama!