Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More Water Adventure Photos

Mr. White investigates the pool:

Mr. Blue investigates the dummies:

Miss Pink struts her stuff!

Mr. Black and Mr. Blue decide Miss Pink can't have the water kong to herself:

Mr. Lime is very proud of himself:

Mr. Green thinks he's pretty special, too:

Mr. White gallops away with his water-retrieving prize!

Mr. Yellow gets the dummy from Miss Pink and Mr. Green:

Mr. Red jumps out:

And Miss Sky and Mr. Black just wonder what all the fuss is about:

There will be more to come!

Until then,


Thoughts said...


You MUST enter some of these adorable pictures into the dog photo contest we're having at our blog. I'm giving away tons of cool Christmas dog toys to winners! These guys are a shoe-in! Email your pics to me at thoughtsfurpaws!@gmail.com!

JuliaR said...

Dog! Is there anything more adorable than a Labrador puppy? I don't Think so!