Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sleep Postures and Snuggle Bears

So sorry I didn't get to posting yesterday. It was a very busy weekend for us and the pups alike. I spent yesterday recovering. ;o)

We did, however, have a wonderful, non-stop weekend filled with friends, family, and new-puppy-owner visits.

I'm delighted to tell you we're absolutely thrilled with the pups' new families (met seven of the nine on Sunday). We couldn't ask for more loving, responsible, dedicated people for our pups. And I think (and hope) they were all tickled with their respective puppies. We try really hard to pair the right pup with the right family and living situation, and the impressions I received were that each was the right fit. It's amazing how it works out.

After two days of non-stop people (Saturday was family stuff, Sunday was puppy-visitation day), the pups were downright exhausted. On Sunday, after meeting, snuggling, and playing hard with their new humans for the day, the entire litter slept through dinner! We kept waiting and waiting for them to wake up to potty and eat, but they just kept sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping. Not to worry, they did eventually roust themselves. We just fed them later when they finally awoke (closer to 9 p.m.). They were one litter of tuckered-out puppies!

Here they are Sunday evening :

When puppies are tired, they want to sleep or snuggle, and that's exactly what they do. The entire litter does both (they all snuggle when sleepy, and they'll all plop wherever they need to to sleep), so what follows is just a smattering of their sleeping and snuggling postures.

Miss Sky (snuggling with DH):

Mr. Black (snuggling with DH):

Mr. White drifting off to sleep:

Mr. Lime nuzzling the octopus:

Miss Pink:

Mr. Yellow (that's gotta be uncomfortable!):

Mr. Green:

Mr. White (on back in center) with Mr. Lime (L) and Mr. Red (R):

Mr. Yellow resting his head on Miss Pink with Mr. Blue behind them:

Mr. Red's head resting on top of Mr. Blue's head with Miss pink curled up on the right and Mr. Lime stretched out on the left in back:

And a few of the gang settling in (just about ready to sleep):

The puppies were indeed tired out after there people-packed weekend, but after a nice solid sleep on Sunday evening and overnight Sunday night, they were ready to go first thing Monday morning!

Oh, to have the energy of a pup!

'Til next time,

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They are getting bigger by the day I swear!