Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Set-Back: Mr. Lime is Back at the Vet's

Well, Mr. Lime didn't touch his third meatball of the day at lunchtime today, and he wasn't drinking anything at all. That, coupled with his losing his dinner last night (he vomited about an hour after I took last night's photos) and that he is still acting much lower-key than the rest, was enough to make me call Dr. Wagner today (well, I called him last night, too, after Lime's tummy upset, and we decided at that time to watch him here and see how he did overnight).

When I talked to Dr. Wagner earlier today, he thought it best (and I quickly agreed) for Lime to go back and get some more subcu fluids (he was starting to seem a little dehydrated to me). So I ran Lime back to the vet hospital just now, where he's hanging out in isolation again for just this afternoon and evening.

I'll return to pick Lime up after dinner tonight so he can sleep here.

Dr. Wagner examined Lime again pretty thoroughly when I took him in, and he agrees that Limey (as the vet techs call him) is probably just a little dehydrated (this is NOT a relapse or the development of some other issue). Dr. Wagner feels he just needs a little extra fluid to get him over the hump. He still fully expects Lime to rebound well like the others. The poor little guy just had a rougher go of it for a little longer than the rest of the litter, and he needs a little more support to bounce back.

So Mr. Lime is back at the vet's. And Mr. Black is hanging out now (very happily) with Mr. Red and Miss Pink.

Mr. Lime should come again later this evening, as long as all goes well. I'll let you know.

Now it's back to meatball making!

'Til next time,

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