Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Gang's ALL HERE! :o)

Yup, EVERYBODY came home last evening.

And, boy, is it nuts here now! Wonderfully, exhilaratingly, encouragingly, smile-inducingly nuts. :o)

The following are a few photos from last night taken shortly after we brought Red, Pink, Black, and Lime home from the vet's (everyone has their new collars on),

KITCHEN SET-UP ( Red, Pink, Black, and Lime):

Here's the split-pen set-up in the kitchen (we have a small kitchen to begin with). Miss Pink and Mr. Red are staying in Pen #1 on left against the brick wall; Mr. Black (in the picture below) and Mr. Lime (who is not in this picture, but is out snuggling with DH) are staying in Pen #2 on the right. Notice that Mr. Red and Miss Pink have already started playing in their piddle papers. ;O)

Here are Miss Pink (right, with bandage on leg) and Mr. Red (left and lower):

Here's Mr. Lime snuggling with Daddy Don:

Here are Black and Lime together in the pen (Black is jumping; Lime, who was still not quite strong enough to jump up, is sitting behind Black):

That's a sheep toy on the bottom left above, btw, and NOT tootsie roll turds! Every time I see that blasted sheep I think I have poo to pick up in the pen. ;o)

Here are Pink and Red wrassling (they don't look too bad for being out of ICU for only about an hour, eh?!):

Here are Pink and Red snuggling:

Here's Mr. Black barking for attention (Mom, put the camera down and pick me up!):

We paired Pink with Red in one pen because they're pretty equivalent in their post-virus energy levels. Mr. Black is closer in energy to them than he is to Lime, but just a smidgeon quieter (and significantly smaller in size still), so we paired him with Lime who is still pretty wiped out. Lime and Black romp, too, just not as intensely.

No worries, they're all bouncing back. We just think it will take Lime a little longer since he was the one we almost lost with Mr. Blue (both were on the edge at the same time: Blue sadly didn't make it; Lime, for whatever reason, came back to us). So, of the eight surviving pups, Lime's condition at his worst was the worst. He's naturally a little more fatigued than the rest at this point, but we expect him to rebound every bit as well.

The other four (the first four to come home), are all acting like healthy, happy, rambunctious puppies now. They are, of course, a few days ahead of the gang who came home last night in recovery, so they're out in the larger pens in the kennel room where they have room to romp.

KENNEL ROOM SET-UP (for Sky, Green, White/Bones, and Yellow-in-Orange-Collar):

Here are Mr. Green and Miss Sky (left and top) and Mr. Yellow and Mr. White (bottom and right) in their separate pens (two to a pen, the pens are side-by-side):

Here are Sky (l, front) and Green (r, behind) as of last night:

And here are Green and Sky romping a little:

Here are Yellow (l, in orange collar) and White/Bones (r) at the same time:

Here's White/Bones checking out the neighbors (not bad, for only 48 hours after coming out of ICU)!

Here's Yellow (in Orange Collar) waiting to be picked up (the little snuggle bug!):

Sky and Green may be able to go home as early as this Friday (in just two days!). :o) They're on half regular puppy-food and half Prescription Diet now, and doing fabulously. :o) We'll start sprinkling puppy food on White's and Yellow's food tonight or tomorrow and see how they do. The four who just came home need more time on Prescription Diet before we can introduce their regular kibble to them.

And so it goes. :o) The gang's all HERE! Yay!

I have some fun video clips from this morning, too, of the four newest arrivals, and I'll try to get them posted later today (if Blogger doesn't give me fits). ;o)

Keep praying, if you're so inclined, especially for Mr. Lime. He's doing well, but still pretty weak -- and I'm not trying to overreact when I see how tired he seems. He is, however, eating his meatball and drinking his water and keeping it down this morning. So I suspect he just needs time to regain his strength.

That's it here.

It's time to make the meatballs.

'Til next time,


Meesh said...

It is absolutely wonderful to see how great they all look after being so close to death's door. They look bright-eyed again, maybe a little scrawny but not bad considering. I am so happy for all who did such an amazing job and made wise decisions in their care. I just want to hug everybody involved-I am that happy! (And I don't even know you all except thru this blog!) You make me proud to be a human!! teehee Chester's Mom

Mary said...

YEAH!!!! They're home!!!! I know you will do all you can to bring Mr. Lime back up to where all there rest are and he will be just fine. You all have done a great job but the prayers will continue to come. Hope Ridge and Tuc are doing as well and the girls don't have any of this! Take care and hugs to all!