Friday, November 07, 2008

Puppy Update (Sky and Green) and Video Assurance (the rest of the litter is still fine!)

Miss Sky and Mr. Green had an uneventful night at the vet's overnight (at least we didn't receive any phone calls, which is good). When I checked with the vet's office this morning, both were doing wonderfully, neither had any more vomiting or diarrhea, both are back to puppy-mode (acting like puppies again), and the staff expects that both will come home today. I'll call again at 3:30-ish to check their status and see if they can come home!

The rest of the litter had an uneventful night, too: no strange poo in the pen this morning, and no evidence of vomiting (yay!).

The pups all ate breakfast, poo-ed fine after breakfast, and then became their typical rambunctious selves. Here they are at about 6:30 a.m. this morning, just to assure you that all remaining seven are doing just fine so far (the collar-less pup in the box with Miss Pink is Mr. Yellow):

Here they are a few minutes later, still going at it (again, Mr. Yellow, who is now outside the box sitting to the left, is the pup without a collar on). Notice their different voices and barking personalities:

Yes, it does get quite noisy in the kitchen when they're in their barking-play mode (I should find a decibel meter just to see just how noisy it really gets!). What's fascinating to me is how different each pup is in barking style, and how unique each voice is.

They are, indeed, little individuals.

And this morning, after the last 36 hours with Miss Sky and Mr. Green, their individual voices (no matter how loud) are music to my ears. ;o)

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

Holy jumpins!! How do you stand it!?

Andy Brenner said...

Joan and Don

We are thinking about you all and the pups. We are praying that they are all ok and will come home soon. We will continue to check daily until we return on Tuesday evening.

The Brenners