Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Down to Five

We're down to just FIVE pups here with us now, and all five are now doing well enough to stay in the kennel room. That means I finally have my kitchen back again!!!! Yay!

Mr. Yellow (orange collar) and Miss Pink stay together in one pen (right, below). Mr. Black, Mr. Red, and Mr. Lime are staying together next to the them (on left):

And they're all starting to look and act wonderful and healthy, just like puppies should.

Mr. Yellow (orange collar), is about two days ahead of the other four in his feeding regimen, so he's chunking up again. :o) You can see the difference here.

But in just another 24 hours, the remaining four will start chunking up, too: they're all on straight puppy food now (no more Prescription Diet), and once they're on puppy food, they seem to start rounding out nicely.

Mr. Yellow (orange collar) will be leaving us today (he's going to be called "Rigby" I think).

Mr. Black and Miss Pink will be leaving us tomorrow. Miss Pink's new name is "Koda" and Mr. Black's new name is "Remmi."

So after tomorrow we'll just have Red and Lime (to whom -- both pups -- we've become quite attached).

We've offered Blue's family their choice of Red or Lime, but have yet to hear back from them. And once we know what they want to do, we'll know what we need to do by way of looking for additional homes.

It's finally starting to get a little saner. Yellow and the rest of the gang are on different feeding schedules, but once Yellow leaves this evening, I'll have only one feeding schedule left to deal with.

And no more making meatballs! I've become quite the expert, you know. ;o)

I will say, I'm tired. It didn't help that I had to have an unexpected root canal done yesterday (2.5 hours in the dentist's chair -- but we have great dentists who work hard to make everything pain free!).

But it's a good kind of tired. You know: the kind after you've accomplished something or put in a hard day's work, knowing the effort was worthwhile.

It's just so good to know these pups are making full recoveries and going on to lead happy, healthy, fulfilling, enriching lives with their new humans.

They've already enriched our lives so; I can only imagine what they'll bring to their families in the months and years to come.


'Til next time,


Meesh said...

I've told you before and I'll tell ya again-you are amazing! How you've managed all that you have and still have your sanity-I'll never know. I have enjoyed this blog immensely and loved watching these pups grow from inside Elsie to now leaving for their forever homes. I look forward to seeing them everyday and will miss them but also look forward to seeing more of Tuc-meister, Kenya (she's a beauty), Ridge, Elsie, and Pinot again. You can give yourselves HUGE pats on the back for a job well done!! Chester's mom

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Hello ! We just came to make some more new friends !!! Hope to be your pal ! :D
Mind if we link you up ?

xoxo ,
Four Musketeers

Anonymous said...

Congrats on an amazing job! You've been there and back again with this litter and it's a testament to your breeding ethics that you shared it all with the wide world. Many people I am sure would have just tried to cover up or make light of what went on. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and your furry kids. Keep up the good work, one day I hope I am honored with bringing home one of your puppies! -Sarah Austin, TX