Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Finally, the Great Water Adventure!

Okay, so it was only a smidgen of room temperature water on the bottom of a wading pool, but the pups finally got their feet wet (literally)! And it proved to be quite an adventure. ;o)

At lunchtime today the temperature hit 60 degrees (F), the sun broke through the clouds for about 30 minutes, and we had high humidity, so it finally felt warm enough to let the puppy kidlets test their paws in the wet stuff (other than in a water bowl).

And boy did they have fun.

First I let them examine the dry wading pool:

Then I put a teeny bit of cold water in the wading pool from the hose (oh boy, a hose!), but not even enough to cover the bottom.

Then I added warm water from the kitchen tap to make enough water in the bottom of the pool to cover the pups' pads and still be just barely lukewarm.

Miss Pink, Mr. Blue, Mr. Black, and Mr. Lime, jumped right in without blinking.

Miss Pink continued to jump in and out with out blinking. Mr. Black decided to stand on the hammock and bark (after getting his feet wet). Mr. Lime and Mr. Blue played in the water a bit more, then lumbered on to other toys on the deck.

Mr. Green, Mr. Red, Mr. White, Mr. Yellow, and Miss Sky had to investigate cautiously first (and it helped that Momma Joan went wading with them to show them it was okay). But after some initial test-runs they all got right in and enjoyed it. :o)

Here's Mr. Green to start:

Then Mr. Green getting braver:

Mr. Green with confidence:

Mr. Green having fun:

Mr. Red and Miss Sky investigate:

Miss Pink can't stay out of the water!

Miss Sky enjoys standing on the hammock and barking (just like Mr. Black).

Mr. Red has fun:

All of the pups seemed just fine in the water. Now, again, it was only enough to cover their toes. But they weren't frightened by it in the least. The water peaked their curiosity and tapped their inborn love for all things wet, and they seemed to have the time of their little lives. That suggests they might all do just fine swimming later on (it's way too cold here to try swimming or even introducing chest-deep water).

They especially liked water-retrieving toys and dummies:

Here are Mr. Blue, Mr. Red, and Miss Sky (l to r):

And (top, l to r)) Mr. Lime, Mr. Red, and Mr. Green, and (bottom, l to r) Miss Pink, and Mr. Yellow:

Mr. Lime:

Mr. Blue:

Gotta run for now, but I'll post more pups-exploring-the-pool picture this evening.

Isn't that just fun! They got to explore water a bit. Yay!

'Til next time,

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