Thursday, November 20, 2008

Puppy Update: Mr. Lime and the Three Musketeers

Three of the four pups who came home Tuesday are doing fabulously (Miss Pink, Mr. Black, and Mr. Red - top to bottom above -- aka, the Three Musketeers): they're acting like imps (shredding their piddle papers and overturning their water bowls); they're devouring their food; they're barking/whining for attention, wiggling and wagging their tails, humping and barking at each other, romping and playing with each other, and being every bit the happy-go-lucky (albeit, constantly hungry) puppies they should be.

Remember, these guys have only been home from the veterinary hospital for two days (since Tuesday night). And we couldn't be more pleased with their progress. They're now up to a little more than two meatballs every two hours eight times daily.

We're still concerned about Mr. Lime (I'm downright worried; DH is concerned). We're keeping him in a pen by himself adjacent to the Three Musketeers because he just doesn't have the energy to play with the other pups, he barely picks at his food, and he's not drinking much. At least he's peeing and pooing (but only teeny poos and not much pee).

I'll talk to Dr. Wagner again tomorrow about Lime and see where we stand. We just don't know what to think. We assumed (based on the other pups) he'd be acting more puppy-ish by now. But he's not.

Mr. Lime and Mr. Red no longer have homes/families waiting for them (both buyers changed their minds and decided they couldn't take on puppies at this time, one before Parvo and the other after). I don't think we'll have trouble finding a good home for Mr. Red (he's gorgeous, and he's a sweet, smart, athletic boy), but no one has expressed interest yet. And Mr. Lime, if it turns out there's a problem and no one wants him, will always be loved and treasured here (he can find his forever family with us).

I'm still hoping he'll make a full recovery though.

Anyway, here's this gang of four, all as of this afternoon.

Mr. Lime:

The Three Musketeers: Miss Pink (l), Mr. Black (c), and Mr. Red (r):

The Three Musketeers again, from the other side of the kitchen. Their little eyes and heads follow me wherever I go -- kinda like one of those trick paintings! Since this is the reverse side of the other pictures, it's Mr. Red (l and front), Mr. Black (center) and Miss Pink (top):

Yes, they're a little skinny, but they're making great progress! And we're hoping the Three Musketeers will be able to go to their forever homes the day before Thanksgiving (that's the optimistic estimate -- at the latest it should be by a week from now).

Keeping rooting for Mr. Lime. I'm starting to doubt that he's really going to make it.

Thanks bunches,

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Meg said...

I'm still praying for Mr. Lime. I wish I didn't live in a tiny apt inCalfornia or I would take Mr. Red in a heartbeat.