Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Evening Update on Lime, Black, Pink, and Red

Ohboyohboyohboyohboy! :o)

The four pups left in the isolation ward are acting like puppies again! :o)

ALL FOUR of them. :o)

When I went in for my daily late-afternoon visit, I got to hug Mr. Black and Mr. Red and Miss Pink and Mr. Lime, and all four about licked my face off. :o)

What a balm to my worried soul.

Granted, the hugs were still gowned-gloved hugs, but they were hugs all the same!

And ALL FOUR pups are eating very small meatballs of Prescription Diet id, and Mr. Lime is even keeping his down now!

And ALL FOUR are drinking water out of bowls, and keeping it down.

And NOBODY has that awful diarrhea anymore.

Just to be safe (erring on caution), Mr. Lime still had his IV attached, because he did vomit once early this morning, but he hasn't had any vomiting since. And he was barking up a storm when I came in to see the pups (all four were wiggly and happy and wagging their tails and making quite a ruckus!).

Mr. Lime even tried to chew out his IV while I was there!

Oh, happy dance! :o)

At least two of the pups will definitely come home tomorrow, but it may be ALL FOUR pups coming home. :o)

Oh happy happy happy dance! :o)

I think all four are going to make it now (I'm trying not to hold my breath, and trying to say that with confidence and with no knot in my stomach -- it's just so scary to hope after losing Mr. Blue).

And the isolation ward was truly a happier place today.

Man, if we can come out of this with eight healthy pups, it will be nothing short of a miracle (particularly in light of the awful statistics on Parvo death rates). Though my heart still aches about Mr. Blue (and it does deeply; I still cry when I see his pictures), and though I so wish he could have been part of the miracle, I can't help but to be grateful for and excited about the other eight puppies' recoveries.

I really think they're going to pull through.

So tonight and tomorrow morning we'll be figuring out how to set up a fourth pen (we're still trying to keep the pups together by twos to keep track of meds and feeding schedules). We may just halve the big pen in the kennel room, and move Mr. White (aka Bones, whose name may become "Titan") and Mr. Yellow (with the orange collar, whose name may become "Rigby") out there with Miss Sky (who's becoming "Snoopi") and Mr. Green (who's becoming "Sammy" or "Sam" for short). Then we'll put the four who are coming home in the two areas we have set up in the kitchen (two in each).


I can't tell you how excited I am about the four's progress at the vet's and the progress of the four who are with us here now (Miss Sky and Mr. Green look almost "normal" -- they've gained some weight back).

It looks like all eight are going to be just fine (somebody pinch me!).

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow! In the meantime, won't you rejoice with me?

Until then,


Cole said...

Yay! That's the best news that anyone could have hoped for. Thanks for updating us regularly (I know how tiring that can be after a while). Kudos to you and to the vet staff for doing such a great job with the little guys.

Anonymous said...

I have been keeping track daily.
And praying four you and yours.
I check several times a day for updates to see how things are going. I was so sad to read about mr blue. here is hoping a speedy recovery to everyone else.
I am blujnldy1 from pogo and have the boston puppies. I have read so much great information on your site. good luck with the recovery
i am sure you heart hurts when ever you think of mr blue.
think of you

Meesh said...

Tears again-but HAPPY tears!!! Your hearts must be busting with joy and happiness-I know mine is! God is GREAT!! Chester's Mom