Sunday, November 16, 2008

White and Yellow are Home!!! :o)

Yup, we were able to pick up Mr. White (aka "Bones" by the vet staff) and Mr. Yellow this evening just after 6:00 p.m.

And, boy, were they ready to come home! :o)

FYI, all the pups as they come home are getting new collars; we dispose of the old ones before we bring the pups into the house to avoid bringing any contaminants or parvo remnants in on the old collars.

Here's Mr. White (who has his new collar on -- a gray/blue collar with white bones on it, identical to the one he wore at the vet's, which is why they called him "Bones"):

And here's Mr. Yellow, who now has his new collar on, too, only his new collar is orange (I couldn't find a yellow collar for the life of me; orange will have to do):

Mr Yellow-in-the-Orange-Collar still has a small bandage on his left front leg from his IV. He'd actually had IVs put into both front legs, and we'd removed both bandages when we came in this evening. But then, while romping with Mr. White (aka Bones), that left leg started bleeding at the IV site, so we cleaned him up and re-bandaged him. He'll be fine. That IV site just needs another day or so to start healing up.

This video clip captures them romping in the kitchen pen with me moments after we arrived home (we've moved Sky and Green into their own, bigger pen in the kennel room). This clip also shows them seeing Elsie for the first time. I took this footage while sitting in the pen with the pups, so it's a puppy's eye view:

Then, this footage is of them eating their ONE meatball, which they get every two hours now to start (just as Sky and Green did when they came home).

Poor starving puppies. We have to transition them slowly to bigger quantities over longer periods of time, like we did the first two pups when they first came home. For now, it's only one meatball every two hours (the meatballs also hide their meds!). But that will increase soon. They'll just have to wait. :o)

It's SO good to have four pups here again. :o) And it's so good to know these guys will soon be going to their forever homes (the families are still hanging in there with us -- we could not have asked for better, more supportive families to walk through something like this with; what a gift they've been!).

Now we just have to get Red, Black, Lime, and Pink home.

GOOD NEWS! Mr. Red and Mr. Black both chewed out their IV lines today! That's a great sign that they're well on the road to recovery! :o)

And EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS! All four ICU pups (Black, Red, Lime, and Pink) barked for us tonight, and wanted to be held, and wagged their tails, and scratched at their crate doors for attention! :o) They all responded immediately and knowingly to our voices. :o)

Pink and Lime are still on their IVs, but looking and acting much perkier. Red and Black seem like they might have turned the corner and might even be able to come home here by Tuesday (if they keep progressing as they are now).

We'll see.

And we'll let you know.

'Til next time,

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Meesh said...

The light is shining brighter at the end of the tunnel. So thankful the fur-babies are getting stronger each day.Praise God! I can't wait to check your blog each day to see the progress. It's been a real "cliff-hanger!" Chester's Mom