Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Update on Sky, Green, and the Gang

Miss Sky and Mr. Green are gradually becoming "our pups" again. They're quickly becoming the affectionate, love-to-be-held, snuggle-bugs they used to be.

Here's Miss Sky now:

And here's Mr. Green:

Yes, they both have new collars (as will the rest when they come home -- don't want to bring in anything that might be contaminated).

Last night, after we got the news about Mr. Blue, neither Don nor I could bring ourselves to put the pups back into their pen as long as they wanted to snuggle. I guess they comfort us as much as (if not more than) we comfort them.

Both "feel" stronger to me now when I pick them up or handle them (less fragile, more solid somehow). They appear to be gaining weight. And they're loving getting 1/4 a can of Prescription Diet every three hours (as opposed to two little meatballs of food every two hours). They're still hungry, but less desperate to eat than they were when they first came home.

And they're sitting and pawing to be picked up again (no more flying leaps against the side of the pen). :o)

Their nails desperately need to be trimmed, but I don't want to traumatize them just yet (in case I hit a quick when I trim them). I want the pups to feel safe and comfortable and at home again before we revert to our grooming regimens and training routines.

They're snuggling and piling with each other again, too. :o)

And they're both thriving now.

If all goes as planned, the vet feels (and we agree) that these two should be able to go to their new homes next weekend (in about a week). They just need a little more time to finish their meds, bulk up a little, and start transitioning to their regular food.

As far as the rest of our crew here goes, Master Tuc is pretty much himself again (no more vomiting, no diarrhea, normal temp, and he's keeping boiled beef and rice down well now). Mr. Ridgers is still Mr. Snuggle Bug (he likes to be close when he doesn't feel well), and he's keeping boiled beef and rice down now, too (never had diarrhea). Elsie, Pinot, and Kenya are fine (no symptoms yet for the girls).

Elsie seems happier now that two of her pups are here with us again. She was actually starting to rebound from her post-puppy-blues anyway, but I think having Sky and Green here boosted her morale. She's back to being Our Girl again, the Sweet Elsie Bear.

So, other than continuing to disinfect from Parvo (we're pulling the rugs out today), all else is status quo. We're tired, of course. And sad about Mr. Blue. But we're counting the mercies we see in the continued recovery of the rest of the litter and trying to focus on that.

We SO appreciate your encouragement, support, well-wishes, and prayers. They mean (and have meant) far more than you know. You're helping us get through a tough time, and we're grateful.

We'll keep you informed on the rest as we're able.

Until then,


L^2 said...

Oh Joan, I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Blue(*hugs*), but happy to hear the rest of the gang is still hanging in there and getting better.

Jamie said...

Hi Joan,

I was at work all day and just got a chance to check in. I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Blue. He looked to big and healthy before the parvo. I'm thankful the rest of the pups should make it. I'll be thinking about you all and sending you good thoughts!

Peace to you and Blues family,

vita de puppy said...

Thinking of all of you and keeping you in our prayers! Positive energy coming your way!