Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update on the Remaining Pups

Mr. White (aka Bones) and Mr Yellow (with the orange collar) are starting to "plump up" again. They're just looking and feeling so much stronger.

As of this morning, they're at about a quarter of a can of Prescription Diet and and a third of a cup of regular dry puppy food (Purina Pro Plan for Puppies, large breed formula) four times daily. Eventually over the rest of the day and tomorrow morning, we'll eliminate the Prescription Diet food all together, and get them to about a 1/2 C of dry food four times daily (or 2/3 C three times daily). And once there for 36 hours with healthy poos, they can go home (maybe even by Monday night -- Tuesday at latest). :o)

Here they are (White in back and Yellow in front) sharing their crate with the Pull-My-Leg horse toy:

And here they are side-by-side (White on left; Yellow on right). Mr. White (Bones) is trying to pull the fleece rug in with them, too:

They're just looking so much healthier. It's amazing what a difference a few days makes.

Same goes for the last four to come home (Pink, Black, Red, and Lime). What a difference already! We kept the Three Musketeers apart from Mr. Lime last evening because Mr. Lime had a little tummy upset yesterday afternoon:

But they're back to two-to-a-pen this morning, since Mr. Lime is acting like a full-fledged, happy-go-lucky, energetic puppy this morning (yay!).

Here are Red and Black this morning:

And here are Pink and Lime this morning:

And here's Mr. Lime giving Aunt Jeanie (DTS) kisses (he's BACK to being our puppy again - yay!):

These four pups are now eating 1/4 can of Prescription Diet each about six times daily. Then we'll move them to a 1/3 C, then a 1/2 C over fewer feedings, and then we'll start adding some dry food and reducing Prescription Diet and see how it goes. If all goes well, Black and Pink might even be able to go home on Wednesday evening (Friday at latest).

After they all go to their new homes over the next few days, we'll still have Lime and Red. Now that Lime appears to be recovering fully, we'll be offering Blue's family the choice of Red or Lime (Lime is much like Blue in many respects, particularly appearance, though Red is just wonderful, too, and seems much like Blue in temperament) or of waiting for one of Kenya's pups next fall (they've already declined our refunding their deposit, which we offered when we called them about Blue). We'll see. But we want to give them first choice before we do anything else about placing Lime or Red with other families.

So that's where we stand (much to our relief): all are back on the solid road of recovery.

'Til next time,

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kayceebeebee said...

All I can say is.....Yea! I'll bet you and your loved ones are so happy the pups are doing so well, except Blue of course.

Cute picture of Sam's going to his new forever home. She looks like she's got a lot of love to give Sam!

The little girl petting Snoopi is so excited to get her pup, too!

I'm happy for you all.