Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Lunchtime: Sky and Green are back at the Vet's

After I posted this morning, Miss Sky seemed to really perk up, but Mr. Green seemed to relapse. The only thing still concerning us about Sky was her continued diarrhea (she was eating a few pieces of dry kibble at at time and drinking okay and keeping it down). But Mr. Green had stopped eating and drinking altogether and had started vomiting again.

So, when we checked in with the vet, though it was with mixed feelings, we decided together (Dr. Hawkins and us) that maybe the two pups should go back to the vet's, just in case they were taking a turn for the worse.

I had mixed feelings, especially since Sky was perking up, but the pups when back to the vet's at about 9:30 a.m.

Two hours later Dr. Hawkins called (about 11:30 a.m.). Mr. Green's temperature has spiked again (was normal last night and this morning); Miss Sky's poo isn't looking good (very mucus-filled).

So now the docs are getting more aggressive with treatment. Both pups will have IV catheters put in (for steady fluid replacement). They're changing their meds to a different antibiotic that also contains an anti-inflammatory that targets the GI tract (to helps their bowels settle down), they're doing further stool studies (and sending samples out to another lab that tests for other things), and they're doing blood work.

So I'm glad the pups are back at the vet's now, and glad the two pups can be together, and glad the vet is getting more aggressive with their treatment (they try to let pups rebound with minimal intervention if possible, but that's not the case now). The pups are being kept together in isolation in the ICU to keep them from picking up anything from other pups at the hospital (since their resistances may be down).

And that's where we stand. As Julia commented on the last post, what a roller coaster!

Thankfully the rest of the litter is thriving and fine. And we trust Sky and Green are in good hands. And the long-term prognosis is still very good; we just have to get the pups through this.

We should hear from the vet later this afternoon or early evening about some of the tests they're doing today. I'll update you then.

Keep praying,


Anonymous said...

Dear Joan and Don,
Please know I'll be on KOP (Keep On Praying) duty on behalf of Miss Sky and Mr. Geen and you two also.
Also, I am asking the Lord to guide the hands and minds that are taking care of these precious pups at the vets, so there is a definitive answer on what is going on ASAP.

Rachel said...

I am thinking about your dear pups! I hope all is well. Please keep us updated.

JuliaR said...

I know when I have a tummy bug, rest is what I want and need to get better. So while they may miss the litter, it might be the best thing to keep them quiet for now. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Meesh said...

I was away awhile and was hoping that you're pups were back to tip-top shape. So sorry that is not the case! But it sounds like they are in very good hands and I'm sure they will be back to 100% soon. My prayers are with the pups and you too. All I can say is that you must have nerves of steel or the Lord's sure gonna see that you do after all this pup and human stuff! Chester's Mom

ps. If you want to take your mind off the pups for just a second- Chester now has a web page on Dogster if anybody wants to see him:

Karen Brenner said...

Hi Joan and Don-
Checking often for an update on the pups! Hope all is better there!! thinking of you all. Give Mr. White a big snuggle from his family!

Karen, Andy, Bella and Bliss