Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Day, Bad Day

Today's been both a good day and a bad day. We'll do the bad first.

It's been a rough day at the isolation ward. The seven remaining pups are still hanging in there, but today seems to be a "hump" day for them. They've all taken a dip in status. All are back on regular IVs, a couple have had their temperatures return, a few started vomiting again (at least no diarrhea).

But if you recall, Sky and Green greatly improved 2-3 days into things (when they came home from the vet's), then on days 3-4 took a dive for the worse (when we had to take them back to the vet's), then recovered rapidly (and now they're home and doing fine). This is day 3 & 4 for the remaining seven pups (who started with symptoms Sunday afternoon and Monday morning). The three who seemed worst today are three of the four who went in Monday morning (Miss Pink, Mr. White, and Mr. Lime). It's rough for them right now, but we're still expecting them to make it.

The way this is progressing in the remaining seven would be consistent with the course this virus took in Sky and Green (a yucky day three full days into things). We're really hoping this is just the final hump, and then they can all turn the corner for good (as Sky and Green have done).

They'll call us tonight if anything worsens, but for now they're holding their own (no news is good news at this point). Nearly all parvo pups who make it through the first four days recover. We just have to get through tonight and part of tomorrow to make it through the four-day mark.

So keep praying. We're not outta the woods yet. Just so you can see them, here they are as they were this afternoon:

Mr. Blue:

Mr. Lime:

Mr. Black:

Mr. Yellow:

Mr. White:

Mr. Pink:

Mr. Red:

Oh, the other bad news: Tucker (our 6-month-old pup) started with symptoms yesterday (though he's fully vaccinated): vomiting and temp of 103. And Ridge (our 8 yo) started vomiting today (I haven't even attempted to take his temp). The vet thinks it's probably parvo in them, too, but it should remain mild since they're both fully vaccinated and current on their vaccines. We'll just watch them carefully and ride it out with them.

And one more thing: this whole Parvo thing means we probably will NOT be breeding Kenya for a spring litter. Since the virus can live in the ground for 4-6 months, it could still be here (despite our best efforts to decontaminate everything). We absolutely do not want to risk exposing another litter to this awful, awful virus. So we'll wait it out and won't consider breeding again until the summer when we know remnants from this round should be gone.

What a nightmare.

On the good news front, Miss Sky and Master Green are ravenously hungry, eating voraciously, keeping their food down, and poo-ing nice, tidy, solid poos. :o) They're also keeping all their meds down (a really good thing). They're drinking well and pee-ing as they should (a sign of continued good hydration), and they're as rammie as ever. They're so strong now, in fact, that Miss Sky (the little imp) scaled the pen wall up and over (a great escape) while I was preparing their dinner. She was that motivated to eat!

Uh oh. ;o) Time to use the higher-walled pen (yes, that was bleached, too).

Sky and Green have also been promoted to TWO meatballs now per feeding (they'll be very happy about that). Bless their little hearts, they've become hoarse from barking so eagerly to be fed (it's just hoarseness, nothing more). It sounds pathetic, but they're as wiggly as ever.

And it's still doing my soul good to hold them, even though I can feel their bones.

That's about it for now. Keep praying for our little gang. The pups have completely endeared themselves to the entire staff at the vet hospital -- and it's a sizable hospital with a sizable staff, men and women alike -- so everyone there is rooting for them, too.

I just wish prayers and good thoughts and hope and cheerleading were enough to heal them. If it were, they'd all be home now.

I'll keep you informed.

'Til next time,


Monica said...

Oh my goodness. This just breaks my heart. I've been away from the computer for a few days because I've been sick myself, so I had no idea they had all taken a turn for the worst. Poor babies. I'm so glad Mr. Green and Miss Sky are home and doing so well, and I will pray for the health of the other pups (big and little). So this is something that was carried in on the clothes of one of the visitors? That is so scary. My thoughts are with you all!

Molly said...

Do you have any idea how they all (puppies and big guys) came to be exposed to Parvo? Since the big guys are vaxed and the little ones don't play with other dogs, it just seems so odd to me.

I'll be thinking about you and them.

Jamie said...

Hi Joan,

Thanks for dropping by to leave your well wishes for Payton. She is not only improving everyday, but seemingly every minute. That is when she is sleeping to recover from all the time on all fours. She put her front paws on the side of the tub to stretch and say hi to Mark when he was getting out of the shower this morning. Not something she even did yesterday morning.
We have been checking in with you guys a couple of times a day to get updates on the pups. I'm glad that you have two home. Hopefully the others will follow shortly. We have been sending them our love. I hope that Tuc and Ridge feel better soon too. Your situation reminds me of an episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 where one by one each family member, even Kate, got the flu. Lot's of cleanup. Make sure you take care of yourself and don't fall sick yourself. Your canine kids need you!

Don't forget to take

Meesh said...

I'm struggling as to what to say here- but what a roller coaster of emotions you must be riding-not to mention plain down tired!
A helpful Scripture to remember:
Philippians 4:6 (NIV)
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Chester's Mom