Sunday, November 23, 2008

We're Hungry!

The Fabulous Four (formerly the Three Musketeers plus Lime) are feeling JUST fine.

Here they are as of this morning when they hear the electric can opener (announcing their soon-to-arrive-Prescription Diet meal).

Oh, and my apologies for the lighting (the kitchen pen sits beneath our south-facing bay window, and it was really sunny this morning). I even had to "brighten" these pictures to see the pups well, and now Miss Pink's collar looks orange (but it really is Miss Pink).

Left to right: Red, Lime, Black, Pink

Left to right: Red, Lime, Black, Pink:

Left to Right: Red, Black, Pink, and Lime (who moved down to the end for a better view):

And Red (sitting and howling), Black, Pink, and Lime:

All of them bark, howl, whine, and yip to be fed (oh, music to my ears), which means ALL are doing just fabulously.

In fact, we started sprinkling regular puppy food on this crew's meals this morning, and they're taking to it quite well.

Oh joy! We really are going to get out of this awful virus experience with eight healthy pups! I'm just amazed.

Yes, feeding times have become incredible noisy (and it kills my head when I have a migraine, like I did yesterday -- ewww it was nasty), but after nearly losing these pups, I'm incredibly thankful for the noise.

It really is music to my ears.

'Til next time,


Thoughts said...

Oh thank God Joan. We have been praying for you and the pups all along and are so glad to hear this news. Bless you for all you have done for these pups. They are all going to be absolutely terrific pets!


xtine said...

My daughter and I have been watching your blog since before the puppies were born. As lab owners ourselves we understand the dedication and time you have all put into this litter. You have done an outstanding job, and to have only lost one was one of the best outcomes you could have achieved. It could have been much worse. The lack of sleep, and headaches have certainly paid off for you. God Bless

Cole said...

So glad to hear that all of them are doing so well. Thank God. You did such a wonderful job with all of them. It's so nice to see "Snoopi" and "Sam" going off to such great homes as well.