Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning ICU Update

All four pups remaining in isolation at the vet's (Miss Pink, Mr. Lime, Mr. Red, and Mr. Black) are doing well this morning. :o)
  • ALL four ate meatballs of Prescription Diet id for breakfast. :o) The fact that they're interested in eating at all is huge. :o)
  • Mr. Lime had a little vomiting afterward, so he's still on his IV (but he's still up and about!)
  • Mr. Red, Mr. Black, and Miss Pink have all been removed from their IV drips, but will continue to receive subcu fluids as needed.
  • ALL four are MUCH more active!
They tell me it's a happier isolation ward this morning. :o)

That's about all the info I could get on the phone (it's nuts over there this morning, as Monday mornings tend to be), but it's all good news.

I'll make my daily run over to visit and snuggle the pups later this afternoon and will check in with Dr. Wagner then if I can.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I still think Black and Red will probably be the next two to come home. And we'll watch and see how Pink and Lime do -- hopefully they'll follow shortly after.

Coming home in pairs is working really well here as far as accommodating them in separate pens, and as far as keeping track of their feeding and meds schedules. I'm setting up a third area for the next two pups today, just in case they're released this evening.

Dr. Wagner feels (and I agree), that the sooner we can get them safely out of the hospital and home (drinking and eating Prescription Diet id, and keeping water and food down - no vomiting or diarrhea), the better.

I've basically put the rest of my responsibilities on "hold" so I have greater availability to care for the pups until they're better, and that means they'll get more 1:1 attention here now than the vet staff could possibly give them there (the staff has so many other animals and families to deal with -- not just our puppies and us). Don't get me wrong; the staff at Harleysville Veterinary Hospital (our vet's) has been incredible -- just fabulous (going the extra mile for our little guys); it's just that I have only my family, the pups, and our dogs to care for here, as opposed to a practice full of other patients.

So it's best if the pups can come home. And Dr. Wagner is set on sending them home as soon as he can safely, without putting the pups at risk for relapse or further harm. What a guy!

We've been blessed with an incredible veterinary practice. It's filled with people of high integrity, dedication, knowledge, skill, excellence, caring, and commitment. We couldn't ask for more, and we're certainly indebted to them.

Now I just have to figure out a way to say "thanks" and to let them know how deeply valued and appreciated they really are.

Any ideas?

'Til next time,


Meesh said...

Just a thought-but what about waiting a bit until the puppies have settled into their new families and once it is warm have a picnic/reunion with the veterinary practice and the puppies and their families. What a great way to see how much happiness they created by working so hard to help your little babies. They can see how much they've grown and wouldn't it be a Lab "riot" for all the fur-kids? It would be nice to include Mr. Blue's family. Still can't but help feeling sad for him and his family. ;0-(
Kudos to ALL who have worked so hard! Chester's Mom

Anonymous said...

I just had the exact same thought! I think it is a great idea. I would help with food or whatever!
I would also love to meet everyone from the hospital who took care of all the puppies...(especially Mr. Green!)